Courageous Conversations with the Art Teacher

Leticia and I are friends. Our children have been in the same classroom for the second year in a row, first in Pre-Kinder and now Kindergarten.

Together we would like to share with you our experience with the Art Teacher.  

Both our children mentioned that the Art Teacher yells.  I had to pep talk Carlos every Tuesday following an incident where his teacher’s yelling resulted in his finger getting pinched with a marker top.  He mentioned that she was upset that he took the tops of the markers and her yelling at him to put them back make him “nervous.”

By mid September, we are informed that the entire Kindergarten class was forced to throw their work away in the garbage because they were not “doing it right”.  

By October 4th, I tell Leticia that I am going to exercise my parental right to observe the class.  While volunteering in the classroom, instruction began with the word “stupid.”

In our culture, “stupid” is a really bad word.  Leticia was shocked when I reported back.  She responded with: “The first thing that ESFE teaches is to use bad words and to respect, and then the school is the first to talk badly.”

You also denied my son the right to go to the bathroom (twice).  This after having granted that right to another child right before.  I was forced to undermine you and take my 5 year son to the bathroom.  I understand that, before today and this incident, you were not aware that we are mother and son.

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