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Little help along the way

By: Ray Lara
Coach/Math Teacher

My name is Ray Lara, and I am writing on behalf of Iris Altamirano. Iris was one of my students when I taught at Bloomington High School here in Texas. From the moment we meet in the classroom, I knew she was destined for great things to come. Iris always wanted to be the best at whatever she did. She decided long ago to set her goals high and through hard work and perseverance she has accomplished many great things. It didn’t surprise me when she came to me her senior year and said “Coach I want to be the first person from Bloomington to go to Cornell…” I was a little taken back so I asked her “you know Cornell is an Ivy League School right?” She said, “of course I know it’s an Ivy League School and it would be awesome to show everyone that even someone from a small town can go there through hard work and dedication.” I couldn’t argue with her on that because that was what I always told my students, so the journey began and we set up extra tutoring times to prepare for tests and low and be hold she got in and the rest was history.

Iris’s main motivation has been to help young people realize that dreams can become reality and it won’t be easy, so you better be ready to work for everything you want. Her life has had many ups and downs, but she has conquered each and every obstacle thrown in her path and has become a better person for it. When I heard she was running for the Minneapolis School Board, I thought to myself “wow she’s ready to make a bigger impact on today’s society.” I wish her the best of luck because I know if she gets it she’ll do anything and everything for those students to make them better educated individuals so that they may impact others. As I sit here and look back through the many years of teaching (this is my 20th), I always wonder how much of an impact we as educators have on the students that we have taught. Some lessons last a lifetime and those who dare to dream can make those dreams a reality with a little help along the way.

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