Significant Power Player Changes in Minneapolis Public Schools

Author: Iris Altamirano

In addition to the new leadership change for the District when the outgoing board hired Superintendent Ed Graff (, the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers (MFT) and Educational Support Professionals (ESPs) Local 59 both elected new presidential union leadership in Michele Weiss (MFT) and Shaun Ladan (ESPs) respectively.

The 2016 Minneapolis Board of Election results brought 3 new Directors representing Districts 2, 4, and 6 (the even districts).  These new Directors have been elected to serve the Minneapolis public schools community for 4 years and the non-voting student representative serves for 1 year.

In 2018, the odd districts will be up for election along with 2 At-Large seats in November.  However, THIS newly elected Board will be charged with working extremely hard to change the already projected failures in meeting our District’s ambitious Strategic Plan (, called Acceleration 2020 goals of  5-8-10% aimed at increases in literacy and graduation rates by 2020.

The primary goals of the Strategic Plan is to close the achievement gap by 2020. The plan’s birth year is 2014.  This means that every year for the next four years, the District must:

➤ 5% annual increase in students overall meeting or exceeding state standards in reading and math

➤ 8% annual increase in students meeting or exceeding standards in reading and math for MPS’ lowest-performing students

➤ 10% annual increase in the four-year graduation rate


The Current State of the District with regard to 3rd Grade Reading Literacy and 8th Grade Math Proficiency and Graduation rates by High School



2017-2019 Minneapolis Board of Education


Kim Ellison

Board of Education, Director
Term: 2017-2021  |  At Large


Don Samuels

Board of Education, Director
Term: 2015-2019 | At Large


Rebecca Gagnon

Board of Education, Current Treasurer
Term: 2015-2019  |  At Large


Jenny Arneson

Board of Education, Current Chair  |  612.382.0734
Term: 2015-2019  |  District 1


Kerry Jo Felder

Board of Education, newly elected Director
Term: 2017-2021  |  District 2


Siad Ali

Board of Education, Director
Term: 2015-2019 | District 3


Bob Walser

Board of Education, newly elected Director
Term: 2017-2021  |  District 4


Nelson Inz

Board of Education, Director
Term: 2015-2019 | District 5


Ira Jordain

Board of Education, Newly elected Director
Term: 2017-2021  |  District 6


Shaadia Munye

Board of Education, Student Representative
Term: Feb. 2016-Jan. 2017  |  At Large





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